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- Do bump keys really work? Is lock bumping really this easy?
Yes - bump keys do in fact work, and they work very well. However, as with anything, they do take some time to master and you need to gain a "feel" for them. In other words, don't expect to get it right your first try, but with slight practice you will be successful.

- What is lock bumping & how does a bump key work?
Basically, a bump key is just another form of a lock picking device. Please take a look at our Bump Info page which includes detailed instructions, diagrams, and other useful lock bumping information.

- What are the legalities surrounding the use/purchase/or possession of bump keys?
As of this posting, ProBumpKeys.com is not aware of any federal or state laws strictly prohibiting the use/purchase/or possession of lock bumping keys. However, it is the buyers responsibility to identify any legal issues that may arise pertaining to such items. You can check out our Terms & Conditions page for more information.

- What type of payment methods do you accept?
Currently we accept all major Credit Cards via PayPal, or you can use your personal PayPal account.

- What type of people/professions utilize bump keys?
For a long time, locksmiths were the main users of bump keys. They still cover a large segment of users, but lock bumping now appeals to a larger audience including: Emergency personnel such as police, fire, and medical, repossessors, REO & Property Preservation contractors, hobbyists, and locksport & lock picking enthusiasts. Plus many others!

- Don't bump keys pose a security threat to the public? Should I be concerned?
First of all, lock bumping is not a new technique. Locksmiths all over the world have been using bump keys for quite some time. Only recently has the general public become aware of the issues regarding them. Many seem to think that the availability of bump keys can lead to an increase in crime. Most crimes are the result of opportunity, rather than well planned, organized, and detailed schemes to commit criminal acts. Bump key or not, people should always be concerned and practice good judgment when safeguarding themselves.